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4th-Jan-2014 11:51 pm - "No Kill" Policy
C.C - Code Geass / sad

I like hero that have strong sense of morality. Really. But… I have problem with character that have over-the-top “no-kill” policy.

I remember several character from show like that. Take character A (initial) for example. A is a rookie police woman with strong moral code. She’s a bit naive, but it’s okay since she’s a rookie. She’s also smart and have perfect score at test. She’s an excellent shooter too! Sadly, the narrative didn’t treat her like that. She will do something like this:

1) The main villain captured Y, her friend. The only way to save Y is kill the villain. But, A hesitant to shoot the villain because afraid it will kill him. So, for the rest of episode, I must watch the villain torture Y while A do NOTHING. Just watch. Well, she tried to shoot but it missed. I found it weird since she’s supposed to be excellent shooter. And finally…. the villain kill Y and walk away. Will will A do? Chase the villain and captured him? I wish. She’s too shocked to do anything. Even to to chase the villain or checking Y.

2) A and her friend finally captured the villain. Before fainted, her friend begged her to kill the villain since the villain is ~special~ and the law cannot punish him. If he’s captured alive, there’s a chance he will escape and kill more people since he’s genius criminal mastermind. What will A do? She ignore her friend request because killing is bad. The result? The villain escape AND kill more people including her friends (again).

Despite that, I don’t hate A. I like her passion plus she’s do good job at the end of show. I understand her reaction. Killing people, even for self-defense is scary. BUT she’s a police woman. And it’s her friend that being captured. Her friend, a helpless injured woman, crying and begged “Please save me, A. I don’t want die.” And A just let her die even though she have chance to save her *sigh*  

11th-Oct-2013 08:23 pm - Rant: Romanticizing Stalker?
Ushio Amamiya - Shinsi Doumei Cross / Hm
So. There's a manga I've read that  romanticizing stalker. The plot is like this: A 23 years old guy in love with 15 years old girl. He's constantly do something stalker-ish like:
1. Waiting outside her room, despite she's already saying no.
2. Stalking her against her wishes. When she order him to go away, he said "No. I live for you. If you want me to go away, you must kill me because I cannot live without you. I'm your dog".
3. At his room, there's so many photo of the girl that he took without her permission with so many poses, including when she's sleeping.
4. He insist to protect her in which no necessary because she's a strong fighter. Heck, she's can defeat thief and youkai without any help.
5. He said that he wanted to marry her and have babies with her. Yeah. A 23 years old guy propose to 15 years old girl is not creepy.
6. ... A long list a stalker behavior.

What's worse, the narrative treated him as nice guy tm. No punishment for him. Even the one that fandom called stalker is the lesbian character. When there's someone that said romance between them is creepy because of age difference plus she's still underage, other just like:
- At Japan age consent is 13 plus she's quite mature at age 15. (Me: She's a 15 years old high school girl)
- Age is just a number. Don't let it stop you from loving someone. (Me: Creepy excuse for lolicon)

P.S: TLDR: A 15 years old girl fall in love with his stalker because after-being-stalked-for-several-month-and-he-protect-me-I-fall-in-love-with-him. The creepy stalker died for protecting her and yet still not success killing the enemy (fandom cried). So the brave 15 years old girl must fight for herself, and died because of enemy attack (fandom: cricket)
7th-Jul-2013 07:14 pm - Shingeki no Kyojin thing
C.C - Code Geass / sad

I like Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin. I think he’s cool, bla, bla, bla… and stuff. It’s also make me wonder.

If Levi were a woman, would fangirl still love and worship him?

Close your eyes and just imagine Levi were a woman with the same trait. Just imagine fem!Levi kick Eren at face, etc.  And my answer is nope. This is a misogynistic culture, I bet fem!Levi will be hated. It will be like this:

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14th-Oct-2012 11:59 pm - Hatred toward shoujo/josei?
C.C - Code Geass / sad
I've seen many people (especially male) that hate shoujo/josei manga just because it cliche, have stupid shallow story, big eyes, and annoying female lead. While some of shoujo suck, there's another awesome shoujo that don't involve romance 90%, like:
1.  Action : X/1999, Tokyo Crazy Paradise. (Heck, there's even gore!)
2.  Drama & supernatural: Natsume Yuujinchou, Makai Ouji, anything by CLAMP.
3.  Mystery, horror & psychological : Illegenes, Conductor, Ludwig Kakumei, or anything made by Yuki Kaori, etc.

So? Please hate the series because the story or character as long as not the demographic.
Sometimes, I envy shonen. Shonen have very large fanbase and genre. Action, adventure, mystery, and even romance! Why almost 90% manga targeted for girl is romance, and slice of life? I want more variation like mystery and horror story. I also want more shoujo anime like Natsume Yuujincho and K that don't solely focus on romance.

N.B: Yes, Project K is shoujo. The manga is serialized at shoujo magazine.
11th-Oct-2012 06:30 pm - The power of shoujo
Japan - Axis Power Hetalia / eh
The power of shoujo turns gay men straight (or they discover they're bisexual) and yaoi turns all straight men into straight men in denial into straight men who like the shaft BUT ONLY SOMETIMES AND WITH THE RIGHT PERSON. Enough said.

So... which one do you prefer?

8th-Aug-2012 07:58 pm - Villain paling disturbing di BL
Naruto x Sasuke
Hah? Nggak salah, nih? Bukannya BL itu rata-rata fluff atau angst? Kalaupun ada crime, paling cuma sebagai sampingan. Kalau suka dengan yakuza, detektif, misteri pembunuhan ditambah homosexual, baca:

S series by Aida Saki.

Warning: Spoiler! This rant bellow contain spoiler of volume 4 S series, mature stuff like homosexual, rape and crime. Saya sarankan kalian baca dulu novelnya. Sudah baca atau tidak berminat baca sehingga masa bodoh dengan spoiler? Silakan klik read more.

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Tadi itu cuma saya pilih 3 tindakannya yang paling ekstrim. Tokoh2 seperti Shiba dan Munechika sendiri juga punya masa lalu yang kelam sekaligus menarik. personal, saya suka novel ini. Penuh twist yang oke.
6th-Aug-2012 07:54 pm - Hukum Rimba
Chibi! Russia / hello
Berikut hukum rimba di kelas:

"Siapa cepat, dia duduk di belakang.
Siapa lambat, dia duduk paling depan."

Kedengaran konyol? 90% benar. Pernah suatu ketika saya terlambat masuk kuliah. Dan tebak, baris kedua sampai belakang terisi penuh. Bangku paling depan? Kosong melompong. Terpaksa duduk paling depan sendiri. Duh.

Entah kenapa murid dan mahasiswa lebih suka suka duduk di tengah atau belakang. Mungkin kagok di depan guru. Entahlah. Begini-begini, saya pernah lihat mahasiswa duduk paling depan sendiri, tapi asyik main iPad. teman sebangkunya malah BBM-an. Nekad abis.

Kalian sendiri lebih suka duduk di mana? Depan, tengah atau belakang? Saya sih depan. Alasannya? Karena bangku depan paling dekat dengan pintu keluar. Jadi kalau sudah selesai, bisa lebih cepet keluar. Hehehehe....
25th-Jul-2012 09:41 pm - HELP!
C.C - Code Geass / sad
Lagi dilema.

Bulan Agustus tanggal 17 - 27, saya sekeluarga bakal tur ke luar negeri. Masalahnya, saya masuk kuliah tgl 27. Itu artinya saya bakal bolos sehari. Hari Senin sendiri mata kuliah 2D desain dimana: masuk, menggambar, lalu dikumpulin hari itu juga. itu artinya, kalo saya gak masuk, sama aja ngumpulin tugasnya bakal telat.Di sisi lain, saya juga males ke luar negeri. Mau nggak ikut, gak ada siapa-siapa di rumah. Pembantu pada pulang kampung. Ntar yg masak dan nyapu selama sepuluh hari siapa?

Menurut kalian gimana? Apa ikut tur dengan resiko bolos kuliah sehari atau nggak usah ikut tur tapi di rumah sendiri 10 hari?
27th-Jun-2012 09:27 pm - [reposted post] LJ's Tiny userhead icon changes - reposted by kencana_kencana
Hello fruitstyle and users of malionette's Tiny Icon Generator.

Following the changes that LJ made to the userhead icons, I modified the Tiny Icon Generator. Please update your bookmarks and your tiny icons.

Malionette's tiny icon generator

Please help spread the word and repost.  
11th-May-2012 07:13 pm - Quote of the day
Allen Walker / D. Gray-Man
"Adults in our world end up doing unpleasant things and try to convince themself that 'that's life' and that things couldn't be otherwise, so they continue living in misery. The worst though is that they try to impose their sad lifestyle on their children as well. Young people who have dreams of becoming something out of the ordinary are faced with contempt. Adults think that happiness lies in making good money and by having a stable job. BUT is it better to do something half-heartedly, "destroying" in the process both yourself and the others whom you work with? As for the stability factor, the unwanted truth is that stability doesn't belong to the present, much more in the future."

Quote from Kitsune Neko

So much win!!
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